ACME Protective Systems

Acme Protective Systems Limited is one of the largest privately owned security companies in Western Canada. Acme is located in Vancouver, B.C., and was established in 1930. It has been under its present management and ownership since 1972. While based in Vancouver, Acme provides monitoring services across Canada to a wide range of residential and commercial customers. 

Acme’s core business is electronic security services. Acme installs, services, and manages intrusion, video surveillance and access control systems. Acme provides monitoring services for intrusion, environmental, and fire alarms.  

Acme is a full service ULC listed Alarm Company, able to both install and monitor intrusion and fire monitoring systems for high risk clients, and provide ULC certificates when required by our client’s insurers.

"Your monitoring station operators are truly an asset! I have complete peace of mind knowing they are there."

Monitoring Station

Acme can monitor your existing system from our LOCAL monitoring station.

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